Due to demand we have limited the choice to either a pale ale or a darker beer.  We cannot guarantee which beer will be available due to the current changing cirumstances but it will be one of the following:


Pale Ales - Spring Pale Ale (4.0%), Session Pale Ale (3.8%) or Single Hop Pale "Endeavour" (4.6%)

Darker Beers - Red Rye IPA (4.5%), East Kent Brown (3.9%) or Amber Gold (4.1%)


This beer is bright and will not require any settling time.  


Kept cool (i.e. in a fridge or a cool garage), your beer will be good for up to 3 weeks (often more!) once opened.


From £18.75


5L/10L/20L Beer in a Box

Beer type
  • Bright beer so no need to settle before opening. 


    We recommend receiving your Beer Box as close to the date you require it as possible, 1-2 days ideally. Keep cool and best served at 12-14 degrees centigrade.  Once opened, beer can be good for up to 3 weeks if kept cool.



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