POLE DANCER (2019)         ABV 4.5 %
Green Hop Pale Ale

Being a Kent brewery, we have the privilege of being able to brew beers with fresh "green" hops during harvest time.  The hops have to be used within a few hours of picking as they begin to oxidise very quickly.  This season we have brewed with three different varieties which are detailed below to produce three editions of our award-winning Pole Dancer

STRANG'S #7   
Little Scotney Farm, Lamberhurst
From Ian Strang's heritage hop farm on the Scotney Estate in Lamberhurst.  This hop has delivered us green hop awards for the past two years so we are hopeful to continue the success with this year's harvest. 


Hoad's Farm, Sandhurst

We loved this variety in our recent brew as a Single Hop Pale and are intrigued to see how it will perform in it's fresh form. We are expecting epic things! 

Tony Redsell, Boughton-Under-Blean
A late harvest hop, UK grown Cascade has intense but rounded citrus peel, orange, tangerine, floral, pine and lychee aromas.  We are really excited to see how this performs as a green hop.

Malts:  Maris Otter, Munich, Flaked Barley
Hops:  Various


Packaging:   Cask
Availability:  September-October


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