Throughout the year we have fun producing different styles of beer that reflect the season
or just because they make us smile!  We hope they do the same for you...
All our beers are unfined, therefore may carry a slight natural haze .
AMBER ALE       ABV 4.0 %


Pale and crystal malts, combined with the addition of flaked barley gives a firm malt flavour.  Hop combination supply a light bitterness with the citrus finish provided by Sussex grown Cascade.

Malts:  Maris Otter, Vienna, Crystal, Amber
Hops:  Northdown, Bramling Cross, Cascade


Availability:  Cask




A lightly hopped beer, with Maris Otter malt and wheat, combine with the addition of fresh hand picked raspberries from Lower Ladysden Farm in Goudhurst, gives a pleasant malt flavour with very subtle notes of raspberry.  

Malts:  Maris Otter, Wheat
Hops:  First Gold, Northdown


Availability:  Cask

Maris Otter and Munich malt, combine with fresh blackberries handpicked from Lower Ladysden Farm in Goudhurst, creating a light and malty ale with a hit of blackberry. No hops were

harmed in the making of this beer.

Malts:  Maris Otter, Munich
Hops:  None!


Availability:  Cask & Bottle


West Kent CAMRA Spa Valley Railway Beer Festival 2017 Bronze Award winner

POLEDANCER               ABV 4.5 %
Green Hop Pale Ale

A simple malt recipe created, to showcase the unique and individual characteristics of each hop.  Hopped with fresh green hops only available for a couple of weeks during the harvest.  We have brewed two versions using Kent grown Bullion and Bramling Cross.

This will be an easy drinking beer.  Despite being a little stronger, you will be able to taste and smell the lost oils as you take each mouthful.

Malts:  Maris Otter, Vienna
Hops:  Freshly picked Kent grown Bullion and East Sussex grown Bramling Cross


Availability:  Out of stock until next Autumn!)


KILN BASHER           ABV 5.2 %
Green Hop Porter


A complex malt bill just to show you what can happen when you really work the mash tun.  A traditional porter in every sense, but with Green hops you won’t taste anything like it again…until next year that is.

Single hopped with fresh green hops only available for a couple of weeks during the harvest.  We have brewed two versions using Kent grown Bullion and Bramling Cross.

Malts:  Vienna, Cara, Chocolate, Black
Hops:  Freshly picked Kent grown Bullion and East Sussex grown Bramling Cross


Availability:  Cask & Bottle


Malts:  Maris Otter, Extra Pale, Oats, Dark Crystal, Black, Chocolate
Hops:  Progress, Bullion


FLAPJACK                                                             ABV 4.7 %
Oatmeal Stout


A buttery rich, smooth stout, loaded with plenty of oats and roasted malts. The gentle sweetness from golden syrup, is a perfect reminder of everyone’s favourite home baked biscuit. Being expertly balanced and rounded this dark ale is particularly moreish.



Rich, dark and full bodied. Hints of fruit from the Bramling Cross hops

and a spicy warming finish from whole cinnamon sticks makes this a perfect beer for the longer nights.

Availability:  Cask & Bottle


Malts:  Vienna, Cara, Chocolate, Black
Hops:  Progress, Bramling Cross


Availability:  Cask & Bottle


SPRING PALE ALE        ABV 4.0 %

The next offering in our popular Four Seasons Series. At 4.0%, a fresh, light pale ale provides distinct tangerine notes with a hint of spice rounding off with a teasing resinous and buttery finish. This is a beer that will awaken your taste buds from their winter slumber!

Availability:  Cask


GOLDEN ALE      ABV 4.3 %

Refreshingly satisfying, with Vienna and Cara malt give this beer a sweeter and fuller body. Kent grown Challenger and Bullion hops provide citrus and blackcurrant notes.  A great beer for a warm afternoon in the sun or when you are trying to imagine you are!

Malts:  Vienna, Cara
Hops:  Challenger, Bullion


Availability: Cask & Bottle
WINTER PALE ALE                                              ABV 3.9 %

The next offering in our popular Four Seasons Pale Ale range. Interesting notes of chocolate and molasses from the Phoenix hop while still maintaining a pale straw coloured malt base. Finishes with a well balanced and rich bitterness.

Availability:  Cask


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